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The ultimate road force® measurement wheel balancing system featuring
StraightTrak Lateral Force Measurement Balancing Technology solves tire pull problems that alignments can’t fix. The HammerHead system eliminates errors by projecting laser lines onto the rim flange at the exact weight placement position.


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The 9720 detects non-balance, radial-force-related problems associated with
tire uniformity, tire and rim runout, & wheel-to-balancer mounting error. The 9720 duplicates vibration measurement and tire/wheel matching methods previously used only by vehicle manufacturers to provide that “new car ride.”


The ultimate in high definition imaging technology wheel alignment featuring
Custom alignment designed specifically for modified & altered vehicles

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HawkEye™ high-definition digital imaging alignment employs patented technology to offer the multiple benefits of precision and high-speed alignment. WinAlign® alignment software contains the largest vehicle-specific information database in the industry, as well as many patented features that help to improve the alignment process.


The ultimate, most advanced leverless, touchless, automated 34 in. tire changer in the world featuring a patented leverless tool head and cam design.

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The Auto34 tire changer’s exclusive features operate in harmony to easily and safely change the world’s toughest new performance tires and wheels.



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